Meet The Team 

Our Story

Ever lose your socks? Losing socks can be very frustrating, we have all been there. When doing some research, we came to find many sock companies that have a plastic snap built on the socks, but those were unappealing as they were very noticeable and didn't look fashionable. We also wanted to find an easier solution aside from the sock clips and other methods that 'add on' an extra step in an already tedious task. Thus, Sockskies was born,  a trendy, fashionable yet easy way to manage your sock collection.   


Save time and energy.  A simple solution versus other sock clips out there,  quick button and you are done!

Fashionable. Fun buttons on each outer part of the sock makes them fashionable and convenient,  the button hole is hardly noticeable so you will get compliments instead of questions on your socks! 

Excellent Quality. Tested for multiple wear and wash cycles.  Socks will be made of cotton (about 70%) polyester, and spandex. 


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